Exam №: 859
Created: 10.07.2017 18:41
Study at: 28.04.2010
Age: 17
Sex: M
Race: Europeoid
Research area: Brain
    • Schizencephaly Schizencephaly (/Brain/Anomalies of development/Disorders of sulcation/cellular migration/Schizencephaly)
      • Typ: closed lip
    • Porencephaly Porencephaly (/Brain/Anomalies of development/Destructive lesions of brain parenchyma/Porencephaly)
    • Mega Cisterna Magna Mega Cisterna Magna (/Brain/Anomalies of development/Disorders of cerebellar/Mega Cisterna Magna)
    • Fetal development hydrocephalus Fetal development hydrocephalus (/Brain/Anomalies of development/ Fetal development hydrocephalus)
Method: CT simple
Reliability: 3
Meta exams:
Dicom: How view examination
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